Red Cliffs Primary Staff 2017

Staff list from the 3rd of March 2017

Staff Member Position
Rod Beer Principal
Catherine Lanigan Bursar
Brooke Allen Curriculum and Learning coach
John Warburton Grade 5/6
Tracy Craig Grade 5/6
Steven Laird Grade 5/6
Elissa Johnson Grade 3/4
Mikaela Davis Grade 3/4
Chloe McCully Grade 3/4
Hannah Dowdy Prep
Jenny Green Reading Recovery/Infant Support
Chelsea Sauer Grade 1/2
Jeanette Doering Grade 1/2
Vicki Vale Science
Amie Warburton Art Teacher
Wendy Allford Integration Aide
Shiralee McCarthy Integration Aide/Lib. Tech
DeArne McCarthy Integration Aide
Carolyn Nulty Integration Aide
Marie Oates Integration Aide
Drew Down Integration Aide
Janette Mason Integration Aide
Tahlia Giles Integration Aide
Kevin Laity Student Well-Being Officer
Jack Cohrs Computer Tech
Viv & John Whitchurch Cleaners
Brad Lever Handyman
Elizabeth Marsh OOSH Co-Ordinator
Samantha Prestwich OOSH Assistant